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Say it with an iMessage sticker pack!

Add loads of cuteness to your iMessage chat with Stickers the Animated Squid. Here’s how it works:

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Stickers Squidson
Today, 3:25 pm
do you know what today is?
iMessage sticker - ice cream
Tuesday? Just kidding
Happy birthday! Eat lots of cake and ice cream!
imessage sticker rainbow barf
you're savage
rainbow barf. om nom nom.
animated imessage sticker birthday party
ok now let's party! lol
Today, 3:26 pm
animated sticker reading
i read giant squids can grow to a huge size due to deep-sea gigantism. O_o
animated sticker furious
uhm, so are you trying to say I look fat? you better not be.
imessage sticker cupcake
of course not
Today, 8:03 pm
what did the ocean say to the other ocean?
imessage sticker camouflage squid
i dunno.
what did it say?
imessage sticker sunglasses
nothing. they just waved. haha!
get it? WAIVED? lol
animated sticker i'm dead
I'm dead. hahahaha
Today, 8:25 pm
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